Bike to Work, School, And Fun.

For one week in May, Northern Nevada keeps a few tons of CO2 from making its way into our atmosphere. The event has impacted the area greatly, by driving a campaign that has added thousands of miles of bike lanes to existing roads.

I was commissioned to design just a poster for the event in 2010, which I happily donated to the movement. Each year after that, a few more pieces were needed in order to meet its growth.
With a simple but effective and compelling message, everyone able to ride bikes is encouraged to participate, form teams, and claim the roads in the name of good health and clean air.

Studio: DS&Co

Bike to Work Week 2013

Original photography by Kaitlin Godbey

Bike to Work, School, and Fun. 2012

Bike to Work Week / Bike to School Week 2011

Bike to Work Week 2010