Agency life is agency life is agency life. The in-between work becomes as important as the pay-the-bills and the self promoting work. Each of the pieces here were developed by me, with the direction of Brett Rhyne, and the approval of the Glenns themselves, in many occasions going virtually unrevised from my desk to the press. I proudly present these works, which were designed purely for the sake of design. And the spirit of Christmas. ...And the love of dogs. Hail Ol' Grandpa Casey dog!

PS: Oh whoa! see a bit of my work featured on their reel - what!
Check out this lego piece! Believe it or not, it is a photograph of real Lego™ pieces, and not a computer rendered image.

...20% Client work, 80% self-promotional / non for profit work. 

Good [ for Goodness Sake ]

This was a non profitable initiative to raise funds for two food banks through the sale of christmas cards – crafted only live during one day in December.
See the video at the bottom.